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QAwerk’s Bug Crawl Initiative

In our weekly Bug Crawl project, we take one popular mobile
or web app, test it and report bugs for developers to fix.

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What is Bug Crawl

Quality assurance is a vital part of the digital product development cycle. Insufficient testing may cause a lot of difficulties in further development, and also scare off some of your potential lifetime users. It may seem obvious what exactly should be tested in a software product, but a bug often pops out in the most unexpected spot which you might have ignored referring, for example, to the overall simplicity of your software product.

In Bug Crawl, we highlight bugs in apps & services to indicate the weaknesses that each software vendor should check, and underline the importance of proper web and mobile app testing. QAwerk team of talented software test engineers available for your projects on long-term or on-demand conditions. Our extensive domain knowledge excels at a wide range of QA services applying only the newest technology to focus on the critical areas of your solutions.

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Bug-free software is a myth, but some apps have already debunked it. At the time of testing, we found no bugs in these products. Kudos to their teams for the fantastic job done!
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Learn how Unfold, Bug Crawl participant, became our client and got acquired by SquareSpace

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